the global challenge of gender inequality

The issue of gender inequality is a problem that we have been struggling with for a long time. Women all around the world are being treated poorly in comparison to men.
The unequal treatment can be as subtle as not getting a promotion when you should have, but the problem gets allot bigger as well. As we can see in the new presidency of Donald Trump, very few women have been elected to serve on his cabinet.
There are allot of different ways women are being discriminated against. One of the important issues to deal with when tackling gender inequality is the issue of violence towards women and girls around the world. The World Health Organization reported in 2013 that 35% of women worldwide have experienced some type of violence in their lifetime.

A good example of the subtle difference in how people treat women versus men, comes from this site, where a man accidentally signed his work email with his female coworkers name. He then noticed how he was treated differently.
This is a global challenge because it affects all of us negatively. A solution to the problem might be to educate girls and boys growing up in less developed countries, so that they learn what they can and should expect from people when it comes to treating both sexes equally. Giving women and girls and education might also be a part of the solution in bringing poor countries out of poverty, giving women an opportunity to educate themselves will help them to eventually get better jobs and in turn improve the economy.

Gran Torino

Gran Torino
Gran Torino is a movie directed by Clint Eastwood and released in 2008. The movie is about an older man, and his life living alone after his wife’s death. His name is Walt, and the character is played by the director Clint Eastwood. In the movie we explore Walt’s relationship with the people around him. One of the most interesting relationships in the movie, is the relationship Walt shares with his family. We learn early on in the movie that Walt and his family view the world in a very different way, a line from one of his sons describe Walt as an old timer, with conservative views. They see Walt as living in the past. It seems like Walt on the other hand, thinks of his family as annoying, and they don’t share the same views. Walt and the rest of his family don’t understand each other.
Another relationship that play out in the movie, is the relationship between Walt and the priest. Before Walt’s wife died, she made the priest promise her that he would make Walt go to confession. Throughout the movie the priest continuous to confront Walt, and tries to make him go to confession. Walt holds back and says he won’t go. In a scene later on in the movie, we hear from Walt that he doesn’t respect the priest, he thinks he is a 28 year old virgin, who holds hands with superstitious old ladies. The relationship continuous to develop throughout the movie, and in heir last scene together they finally see eye to eye, when the priest says that he understands Walt’s anger. Interestingly through Walt’s and the priests relationship, we learn that Walt feels guilt for not knowing his sons as well as he should.
The last relationship I’ll talk about is the relationship between Walt and Thao. Thao is the neighborhood boy, and he is an immigrant. Walt is at first very annoyed by Thao, as well as all the other Mang people living in the neighborhood. As the movie progresses so does Thao’s and Walt’s relationship. They eventually grow to care about each other, as Walt learns that Thao is a boy more in line with his own way of being than his grandchildren for example.
The movie ends with Walt giving his life for the neighborhood, and Thaos family, by freely walking up to the gang that had been harassing them and getting murdered so that the gang would go to jail. His death signifies Walt taking back meaning to his life, and it signifies Walt’s change in opinion towards people. He no longer views the Mang people as a problem, but has now instead learned to care about them. In contrast we can see that Walt at the beginning of the movie, has a problem with almost everyone he meets, he misses his wife, and dislikes the dynamic of his own family. He doesn’t believe in the way things are being done in the more modern world, and it seems like he misses the old days. In the end of the movie, Walt has changed his views, and he doesn’t seem to carry the same anger and regret after the confession with the priest.
In the last scene of the movie, we see Walt’s will being read up to his family and Thao. The family waits in anticipation expecting Walt to give his Gran Torino to is granddaughter. He then surprises his family by giving Thao the car instead. He found a relationship in Thao, that he had lost with his family.

The problem with fake news

News outlets and the general media is the main place in which the public gets their information. We often take the credibility and the factual accuracy of the media for granted, and we might believe anything we read, see or hear from the news. This is a big problem, not just because of the inaccurate information, but because it threatens the democracy we live in. People who read and believe false news, are unable to make real informed opinions and decisions.

Take president elect Donald Trump as an example. He’s been on the record lying on countless occasions and spreading false rumors. At first new outlets and the public took Donald Trump as a joke and didn’t mind his inaccurate statements. But he quickly became a media sensation. One day after another you heard about some wild statement from Trump. He’s lying became so common that he could say anything and people would believe it. This is a great example of how you could say almost anything as a public figure and some people will take it as facts. If we all receive the news we want, and agree with, we will end up talking past one another. Donald Trump was elected as a result of an uninformed public. The people are in powered by information.

As an example of how easy it is to create a fake news story, take a look at this fake story about the pope and Trump. It may seem legit at first glance and if shown on tv, people would probably take it to be true.
breaking-news (1).png

An issue with such a large number of people being uninformed and getting fake and biased news, is that refuting the unreal and inaccurate facts that they belive, will only make matters worse in many cases. This is the whole problem with the modern media. There is so much bias and fake coverage in the world of news, that we can pick and choose what we want  in order to satisfy our beliefs. And as a result we end up talking past each other.

Today we talked to students from South Africa about fake news, via skype. We’ve als0 gotten allot of input from other students, including students from a school in Bergen. We have a padlet where we write information and thoughts about the issue, and we use this to share information and connect.

Dear president-elect Donald Trump

Dear President-elect Donald Trump…

Dear President-elect Donald Trump, have you seen the movie Before the Flood? It’s a documentary featuring Leonardo Dicaprio, and it’s about the dangers of global warming and what we need to do in order to stop it. In the movie, Leonardo Dicaprio travels the world and shows us how far global warming has gone. In the movie, we learn that 97% of scientist believe that climate change is real and that it is caused by humans. Even though such a large number of scientists agree on this issue, over half of congress say they believe that climate change is a hoax. The US is one of the biggest emitters of fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses in the world. The US needs to set an example, and reduce the amount of fossil fuel spendings and lean towards renewable resources. This is why it is so important that the president-elect takes global warming seriously, and we urge you to look away from your political interests and focus on the importance of preserving the earth for future generations.

Dear President-elect Donald trump, according to New York times, global warming may indeed be the sharpest example of how policy in Washington will change under your administration.

-You have called human-caused climate change a “hoax”. Here is one of you tweets: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” On December 30, 2015, you told the crowd at a rally in Hilton Head, S.C., “Obama’s talking about all of this with the global warming and … a lot of it’s a hoax. It’s a hoax. I mean, it’s a money-making industry, okay? It’s a hoax, a lot of it.”

-You have also already vowed to “cancel” last year’s Paris climate agreement, which commits more than 190 countries to reduce their releases of planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution, and to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, Mr. Obama’s domestic climate change regulations.  

Dear President-elect Donald Trump, we are aware of your plans. Withdrawing the laws that ensure some safety. Removing to-be-former President Barrack Hussein Obama’s start of improvements, CO2 cuts. With a force of nature as our opposition, we need to act accordingly. Simple measures won’t be enough, slight differences won’t help and worst of all; you’re plan will be disastrous. Not only will it affect the Americans that you will be responsible for when you enter the White House, but also us, the people of the world. Acknowledge the fact that you were wrong. Acknowledge the fact that your changes might lead us into a direction where our blood will be on your hands.

Dear President-elect Donald Trump, if you’re not planning on watching Before the Flood, which I suspect you won’t, at least read this from the European premiere in London October 2016, where DiCaprio introduced the film as follows: “Before The Flood is the product of an incredible three-year journey that took place with my co-creator and director Fisher Stevens. We went to every corner of the globe to document the devastating impacts of climate change and questioned humanity’s ability to reverse what may be the most catastrophic problem mankind has ever faced. There was a lot to take on. ll that we witnessed on this journey shows us that our world’s climate is incredibly interconnected and that it is at urgent breaking point.(…)

Presidental election

I was given the task to write about the medias role in the American presidential election.
The media has a big role in influencing people. The mass media touches all our lives. The mass media is the place where the public gets information, and depending on which way the media spins the news, we get an image of how the world looks like. When it comes to this presidential election, the media has had a particularly big role.

What’s interesting about the 2016 presidential election, and Donald Trumps campaign is how big of a role the media has had. It is difficult to imagine Trump getting as far as he has without the media blowing up every crazy thing he says. Donald Trump has become a media sensation.

Fox News

Fox News is a news television channel, and it is one of the biggest and most dominant cable news networks in America. The channel launched in 1996, and was created by Rupert Murdoch. Despite their slogan “fair and balanced” the news channel has received a fair amount of criticism for biased reporting and promoting the Republican Party. One of Fox News’s most popular hosts is Bill O’Reilly. He hosts a show on Fox News called The O’Reilly factor. It has been the most viewed program on Fox News for several years. Bill O’Reilly proclaims himself as a traditionalist, and leans right on most issues.
Fox News has received criticism from several public figures, democrat Howard Dean called Fox News as “a right wing propaganda machine”. Fox News is viewed by many as simply an extension of the republican party.
Even tough Fox News has traditionally leaned towards republicans, they have in this election criticized the republican nominee Donald Trump a bit. Donald Trump has appeared many times on the news channel in debates with several hosts. Even tough Fox News has criticized Trump on certain issues, they still have a clear bias, and have been the biggest supporter of Trump when it comes to news outlets.


CNN was the first all-News television channel in The United States. It launched in 1980. CNN is viewed by many to bee a fairly neutral news outlet, delivering the news fairly and objectively, although CNN has received criticism of liberal bias, and leaning to far to the left. Some of the channels most popular hosts include, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper. Despite minor criticism CNN is mostly recognized as a relatively neutral news outlet.


The Huffington Post is an American newspaper that puts its focus towards supporting left-winged politics. They’re known for news casting that heavily promotes democratic political views, and was originally launched as a counterpart for the right-winged newspaper ‘’Drudge Report’’. Their articles are biased towards the democrats and Hilary Clinton, and attempts counteract Donald Trump and his political stance.


Drudge Report is a politically conservative newspaper that backs up under the republicans and Donald Trump. Drudge Report is known for not necessarily being factually correct and choosing a good story over accurate and correct journalism. They have a story of misinterpreting stories and even fabrication, which questions whether they can be used as a factual news source. Drudge Report has been defined as ‘’a conservative news aggregator’’, and that definitely comes into play in their articles. Their written news reports are heavily biased towards the republicans, whilst also pushing down the democratic views.


9/11 a day we will never forget

The september 11 attacks was a series of planned terrorist attacks by the terrorist group al-Qaeda. They attacked the United States on Tuesday morning. The attacks killed 2996 people, and injured over 6000. At 8.46 am the first plane crashed in to the world trade center. At 9.03 another plane crashed into the buildings, this time the second tower. At 9.37 Five hijackers flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon. There was also a fourth flight, that is believed to have targeted the white house or the capitol. However it didn’t make its way to the target. The passengers on the plane tried to gain control of the flight. When the hijackers understood that they were loosing control, they rolled the plane and intentionally crashed it. It crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, southeast of Pittsburgh, at 10:03 a.m. There were three buildings who collapsed in the world trade center due to fire-induced structural failure. The first one to collapse was the southern  tower, it collapsed after burning for 56 minutes. The second building to collapse was the northern tower at 10:28 a.m.

climate change

We recently watched Al Gore’s ted talk about climate change. The issue of global warming is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing. The global temperature is rising dramatically. In Al Gore’s ted talk about climate change, he talks about how we need to take action, and that the problem is bigger then allot of us think it is. He presents evidence that the world is heating up, and shows that the North Pole has decreased. In 1980 the North Pole was roughly the same size as the united states of America. The amount of ice that disappeared since then is equivalent to everything east of Mississippi.
Global warming isn’t just affecting the north pole. It is affecting the whole world. This year we recorded the highest temperature ever recorded in the eastern hemisphere. Kuwait had a temperature of 54 Celsius.
We read an article in USA Today, that talked about Donald trumps and Hillary Clintons views on climate change. They wrote “Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are offering Americans starkly different views on global warming: Clinton sees it as an urgent concern while Trump dismisses it as a minor problem at most.” I think that this difference between the two candidates is a very important divide. After watching Al Gores Ted talk about the issue of climate change, I think it is very important to elect a president who takes this problem seriously.
I think that Norway has done a good job in electing the right leaders, in relation to global warming. We are one of the countries with the most electric cars in use, and we are using renewable recourses, like hydropower, to produce energy.